I love traveling – near and far, meeting new people, smelling the smells, hearing the sounds, living like a local, expanding my mind, enriching my soul, putting a smile on my face. This is all necessary to my life.

Filming in London

Filming in London

Many people associate the word “travel” with faraway excursions costing thousands of dollars that are out of their reach. But, on the contrary, travel can be right around the corner from your home, where you can explore neighborhood treasures you never knew existed but were there all along. And, yes, then there are the months-long planned trips that fulfill your wildest fantasies and break the bank. It’s all up to you. But travel is within your reach. Always.

At first this blog started off as a way to showcase my showier travels to amazing countries like England and Greece. And then I started adding in the just-as-exciting day trips to places like Salem, Massachusetts, and short flights to Memphis, Tennessee.

That said, this blog is about my experiences, thoughts and feelings about my travels. I include my own photos and videos in my posts. I’ll leave the detailed “best of”, “places to eat/stay”, and “to dos” to better sources like Frommer’s and Lonely Planet.

If you enjoy traveling as much as I do, make time to do it. Find others who also enjoy your same passion, but if you don’t, go it on your own and don’t miss out. Be spontaneous or plan your heart out. And most of all… travel!

(And, yes, I have curly hair, hence the name of the site!)


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